Oct 26, 2012

Officially closed

The 30th Mansion is now, officially  Closed :D

my latest blog updates will be available in DV.MYSTERY .

Thanks :)

Apr 21, 2012

Even tho we arent in any relationship, but i cant believe u said such things to me.

maybe u didnt do anything wrong.
its just me, for being too naive , stupidly think u would care.

You look prettier as you grow. As the beauty of a bloom can't even outshine yours.
This not flirt!?
You TYPE and u RUB IT OFF]


"yea, why should i tell u all these, its not like it has something to do with u"
nothing dy
i'll settle that shit myself"
its the last words for tonight.
im really, upset , this time.
sorry, for taking ur time to listen to whatever i just said.

Apr 10, 2012

nothing can be straight forever.
not even human.

i was kinda shocked. but, situation like u tells what's going to happen in the future.
if these feelings are true, go for it, dont hesitate and suffer urselves.

I liked u once, becoz of that dream.
I tried to hide my feelings, by telling myself  I like another person.
till that specific day, that one day, I kw i still have a little feelings for u.

Im controling myself not to go further, u're my friend. a special friend.

today, u dare to bring up all the guts u have, to tell me this.
looking at u hesitating , looking at u being so nervous before u even start the topic, looking at u blushing all the way, and i thought..... u wanted to say " i like u." to me.

stupidly think that i might have a chance to say goodbye to the "single life" , hell no, ended up telling me something els.
makes me felt so stupid for a sudden.

my heart was broken. i kw this feeling. i kw this heart-break feeling.i had this feelings once. this is the 2nd time. i kw it hurts alot, but i still need to keep smiling and stay calm to listen to u, listen to every word u say, coz about ur situation, this is the hardest stage to go through. be tough, be strong, be calm, be steady. everything will be alright :)

I'll never let u know about how i felt for u before this, so, pls keep it as a secret. ;)

If u have any problems, Im always here for u.
I cant be the one u're holding ur hands with, but, at least i wish to be the person whom u wanted to tell :)

Apr 4, 2012

talk to me.
but dont flirt.
u're a good guy. every girl would like to have someone like u by their side.

for me, i felt much lucky becoz we're close as friends. not more.
we dont flirt, we just teast. we dont fight, but we care for each other in a different way.

once, that dream made me confused.
but now, in reality, i wish we could stay like this.

im afraid to hope for more.

dont say im good. i'll blush. even its with a close friend, like u.

Mar 27, 2012